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The history of The Physio Studio...

The Physio Studio was originally owned by Kathryn Shapcott and was located within Oakmead place, Binfield from 2001. The premises moved to Popeswood corner in 2005. 

Mike and Rebecca Chisholm bought the clinic in 2013 when it had moved to its current home in a characterful Victorian building at the front of the grounds to Newbold College, Binfield.


Mike had worked at the clinic for 3 years and knew that when they took over, there was an established team of skilled clinicians, a supportive admin team and that they would enjoy welcoming the fantastic patient community, built through the previous 11 years. 

Mike and Rebecca, both highly skilled physiotherapists, are also husband and wife. They balance the running of the practice with their own patient caseloads and the demands of their busy family life with 2 lively boys, aged 11 & 14 - not an easy feat!

Mike and Rebecca Chisholm husband and wife physiotherapists

Get to know our wonderful reception team...

Mike & Rebecca would find it so much more difficult to manage day to day life at the clinic without the unfailing support and hard work of their reception team. Receptionists Linda, Debbie, Lauren and Mary have a passion for delivering an exceptional patient experience and will go the extra mile so you feel in reassuringly competent hands at all times.


Any questions?

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

Our commitment to you

If you have any concerns about anything you have experienced at The Physio Studio then please do not hesitate to feedback to the Practice Manager Rebecca Chisholm or Clinical Director Mike Chisholm and we respond as soon as possible.

The evolution of our clinical team...

Our clinical team has grown from strength to strength over the last 9 years and our therapists have stayed with us for many years.

We now have 7 specialist physiotherapists and a massage therapist,  supported by additional physiotherapists solely delivering some of our pilates classes.


Each of our physiotherapists have more than 11 years experience and the average is 13 years qualification. 4 out of 7 of our physiotherapists have masters degrees and the rest have undertaken a significant number of hours of masters level study modules. 


In that number of years, each of our clinicians have a lot of skilled learning, peer to peer training, post graduate courses, self directed study under their belts & thousands of hours of patient appointments to hone and finely tune the skills they have developed. You can be fully confident in their expertise. 

Future plans...

The clinic has expanded in 2022 with increased capacity and we are always looking for ways to offer a better service for our patients.

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