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What conditions do we treat?

At The Physio Studio,  we have the skills to assess, diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions and will create a plan with you to work towards your personal recovery goals.

We truly care about our clients and ensure that we provide them with the most appropriate form of treatment to suit their individual needs. There are many conditions, injuries, aches and pains that physiotherapy is wonderful at treating. We have included a few of the more common ones on each speciality page but feel free to call us for further advice regarding any specific problems you may have. 


Please feel free to contact us at to discuss your specific condition and difficulties.

What treatments?

Redefining the '3 R's'@


All our physiotherapists have more than 11 years experience, 

4 have completed Masters degrees and others have completed diplomas and other intensive speciality courses. 

We all have different personalities & interests in life. In the same way, alongside their extensive core skills, our physio's have different clinical interests. We know you will find a physio that suits your needs and is the right fit for you.

We all love learning, we spend our spare time learning, reading around our subject, talking to each other, learning from each other in in our service training, sharing articles and ideas and going on courses. We want to give you the best outcome we can so we sometimes knock on each others doors to 'brain storm'. 

Meet the team to find out more about us.

Why us?

All of our physiotherapists are fully chartered (MCSP) and registered (HCPC) physiotherapists. The term Chartered Physiotherapist is a protected title. This guarantees that:

  • their qualifications are properly recognised

  • they are governed by a professional code of conduct

  • they are covered by professional liability insurance

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