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  • When you are required to pay the full cost of your treatment, we will take payment by cash or by credit/debit card on the premises at the time of each appointment. We can print a full receipt to take with you or send by email if you need to reclaim this charge from your insurer (please read notes below about retrospective insurance claims)

  • All necessary measures will be taken by the Physio Studio to recover outstanding payments.


  • Patients are responsible for any payments declined by your insurance company or any other funder.

  • To be able to invoice the relevant insurance provider for the cost of your treatment you need to provide my membership number (and authorisation code if used) before treatment starts. The Physio Studio requires this information to automatically process claims on your behalf. You will need to pay the self pay rate until this information is provided and will not receive a refund of any self funded payments made before this time from The Physio Studio.

  • It is important to note that if you decide to then retrospectively claim funds back from your insurer myself, some insurance companies do not reimburse our full self pay rate charged at The Physio Studio.

  • After we send off the invoice for your treatment, we are then notified by your insurer if any excess payment is due on your policy, if your allowance has been exhausted or our claim has been rejected for whatever reason. If the payment is not going to be fulfilled by the insurer - any fees due will be invoiced directly to you. Patient's are wholly responsible for covering these shortfalls in full and will be invoiced directly for them. 

  • Some insurance providers do not have a fee agreement with The Physio Studio so your policy may not cover the full costs of The Physio Studio rates and any shortfalls in these rates are your responsibility. 


  • Our computer system helpfully sends a text message or email as a reminder for your appointment the day before you appointment date as a courtesy to all our clients. However, all network providers and our IT system have been known to have glitches so the onus is on yourself to keep a record of all of your future appointments and attend on time. 

  • We cannot guarantee that the therapist will be able to carry out your appointment if more than 15 minutes late. You may be asked to re book if the therapists feels more time is needed. We thank you for your understanding with this.

  • The Physio Studio respectfully requests that 24 hours notice is given if appointments need to be re-scheduled or cancelled. This gives the best chance of offering the appointment to other patients.

  • A non-attendance fee of 100% of the cost of the missed appointment may be charged if I do not attend a scheduled appointment or I cancel or re-schedule the appointment with less than 24 hours notice.


  • Any on-going treatment may be suspended or cancelled if our fees and expense are not paid in full when due. In the unfortunate event that we need to enforce payment from you, you will be liable for all the incurred costs.


  • The Physio Studio releases relevant medical information to allow claims to be settled or letters to be produced to aid my treatment or communicate on my behalf to other medical practitioners.

  • We ask for consent for your medical records & client details to be stored electronically in accordance with the latest GDPR legislation using our Private Practice Software (PPS).

  • You can find out more about how The Physio Studio safely takes care of my data by requesting a copy of the Data Protection Policy from reception staff.

  • If you provide your mobile phone number &/or email address, you consent to receiving helpful appointment confirmations and follow-up reminders to enable more effective communication with The Physio Studio.

  • You can ‘opt-in’ to receive occasional discounts and offers by letting the receptionist know.


  • When further treatment or imaging is required we may refer you onto a third party, whereby we will send a referral letter, after which the responsibility is on you to arrange an appointment with them. Once under their care you will be bound by the terms and conditions of that third party and we undertake no liability with respect to that third party.


  • By signing our T & C's form you are giving consent to treatment and rehabilitation at The Physio Studio.

  • In accepting treatment you agree that it may involve bodily contact, touch, and direct / indirect contact as explained by your Therapist before any treatment is given.

  • We also require that you make us aware of any factors that could affect your treatment or diagnosis. If necessary, we can also send correspondence to your GP.


  • 3 months after my last contact with The Physio Studio you may be discharged. Further treatment after this period may need a full re-assessment as things may have changed. This will be at the discretion of the treating therapist.

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