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Our posture can be likened like the the foundations, supporting beams and internal wiring of a house. When one supporting steel becomes weakened over time due to too much strain or load being placed on it, it can sag, bend and undermine the whole integrity of the building's structure. 


In the same way, sitting, moving or staying in one position or 'posture' too long or too often puts too much strain on certain muscles or joints that are not designed to do that job. This extra strain causes our muscles & ligaments become tight and pull against each other like when the steels of the building buckle or poor house foundations allow a building to crumble. 

Why see a physiotherapist for postural problems?

Over time, if we keep using these postures over and over again, our brain re-wires to use these poor movement patterns by asking the wrong muscles to fire. Our bodies will find any way, even the wrong way, to achieve movement. 


Postural physio / rehabilitation is like a re-wiring of the way our muscles work together to find a new movement 'programme'. Our 'hands-on' treatment also works on making any stiff muscles or joints more flexible to help them switch on and move as they should do.


All physio's are trained to be able to re-train postural issues and have many skills that can address the root cause. We are trained to identify soft tissue, joint restrictions, muscles weaknesses or core instability that contribute to posture related pain. Pilates is also a useful tool to maintain long term postural health.


Catia has taken this one step further by undertaking post-graduate programme of postural education called 'The Mezieres Method'. 

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What is the Mezieres Method?

The Mézières Method is specific rehabilitation technique designed to uncover the imbalances in our whole musculature. The goal is to relax their tensions and restore their initial lengths so that the body stops working against itself and it finds a better way of moving that uses our muscles &  joints as they were designed to be used. 


In every pain and trauma the body will adapt and deform in order to avoid the pain, and deformities may become permanent. Any lesion, no matter the level, can affect the whole body.


The Mézières Method is an individual rehabilitative technique with systemic postural approach which determines functional recovery through body symmetry restoration. It looks at the foundations of movement and how we can get the muscles chains & patterns to work together again.

How can physiotherapy help me with my posture?

We can correct these issues by helping you relearn and feel how to move differently using our toolkit of advanced rehabilitation skills:


  • Manual therapy skills

  • Balance re education

  • Exercises

  • Education

  • Pilates classes  

  • Mezieres Method

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