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Pilates suits all ages and fitness levels and is particularly beneficial for those with back pain, poor posture, neurological conditions, sports injuries, arthritis, stress related illness and before and after pregnancy.

The principles of the Pilates method are concentration, control, centring, flow of movement, precision and breathing. These principles are key to all movement patterns, whether it is learning to walk again after knee surgery, improving sports performance, or retraining normal movement after an episode of back pain.

We feel that Pilates is one of the best ways you can continue your journey to recovery from injury or as a wonderful means of re-conditioning your body to prevent further injury. 

We believe the key to gaining long term benefits can be as simple as looking at ‘the way’ we do things.

Why chose The Physio Studio?

At the Physio Studio we understand that to get the most out of our bodies we need confidence that we are moving in the right way and doing the right things to help ourselves.

That’s why we only have specialist physiotherapists trained at the highest level in Pilates to run our classes. They understand the way you move and understand the way you want to be able to move. You can then progress more quickly and safely.

Our clinicians are fully qualified to use mat-based Pilates exercises as an integral part of your individual physiotherapy treatment.

  • Group mat based classes (max 8 people per class, £12 per class in a block of 6)

  • 1:1 private 30 minute Pilates sessions (£58)

We believe in keeping our classes fresh and dynamic. We use a variety of the latest equipment and techniques, such as therabands, foam rollers and magic circles during each class. Because our physiotherapists have the top level of training, you can be confident that you will be getting the most out of your time in the class.


Everyone joining a class for the first time will have a 1:1 induction with a physiotherapist (£35). From this, our physiotherapists make sure our classes are suitable and tailored to your specific needs, found in this induction. These include during pregnancy and postnatal periods, as well as getting you fit again after an accident or sports injury and from other chronic aches and pains. 

We keep all our class sizes to a maximum of 8 people. This approach allows us to provide a bespoke set of exercises to suit your particular needs, moving you forward at the right pace for your body.

We offer two levels of Pilates in our Studio classes:

  • Beginner : for those clients who are new to Pilates or require less demanding exercises

  • All – levels : for those clients with some Pilates experience who would benefit from more challenging exercises


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