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We are in the unique position of having physiotherapists who have worked extensively with rowing athletes at Olympic and International level. Firstly, Mike Chisholm has supported GB rowing athletes through 4 Olympic and Paralympic cycles and has been club physiotherapist at The Leander Club. In addition, Kirsty Hunter is the Lead physiotherapist for the Junior GB Rowing Team which brings valuable partnership and the specialised clinical skills needed to treat athletes at this level. She also has a deep insight into the technical & team aspects of rowing through competing herself for the GB Rowing Team at junior through to senior level. We see rowers from many different clubs, at all levels of participation from local club to Team GB level to support their recovery from injury so you can get back in the boat or return to competition.

Triatholon Swimmers


Triathlon can cause a myriad of challenges for the body due to the three different exercise 3 components. The cycling aspects can bring on hip, back and neck issues in particular. Swimming can aggravate shoulder and neck problems and the running has potential for some repetitive lower limb disorders. These can be amplified by the volume of training required for each component when added to the demands of racing each discipline back to back.

Suzanne Gibson & Caroline Jubb are well placed to understand the demands of swimming. Suzanne as she has competed herself as National Level Swimmer as well as being an upper limb & sports injury specialist. Caroline is a consultant physio for Wycombe Swimming Club & competes nationally herself too. Kirsty Hunter has a special interest in Triathlon born out of her skills of coaching running biomechanics. She has also competed in age group triathlon and IRONMAN 70.3 events worldwide including European and World Championships giving her an insight into competitive racing.



We regularly help recreational runners and have developed a keen interest in running injuries. When sponsoring the the local Binfield 10k race we produced a video offering soft tissue injury management advice using a massage ball which you can read here or on our Facebook page


All our physiotherapists have excellent observation and investigative skills developed over years of clinical experience to identify bio mechanical or muscle imbalance issues that might be contributing to repetitive injury patterns or niggles when running, especially in the lower limb. We use an individualised problem solving approach for each patient to uncover the root cause of their dysfunction.


Couple Running
Image by Alex Smith


When working with elite athletes, understanding the technical aspects of their particular sport, developing close liaison with coaches, team psychologists and physiologists, parents, partners and any support crew is essential to get our intervention absolutely spot on! It is not just about repairing the injury we see in front of us, it it also about working towards peak performance at the right time in the competitive cycle.

Our clinical lead and sports physiotherapists understand the demands of the competitive cycle at elite level. Mike Chisholm has had a long history directly helping to prepare and support elite athletes from 31 different Olympic, Paralympic, Commonwealth and Home Nation sporting disciplines through 4 Olympic and Paralympic cycles, Test matches and other internationals sporting events working at the English Institute of Sport (EIS).

Caroline Jubb has years of experience as England Womens Football team physiotherapist. She also regularly works for GB Hockey on camps and during training.


Both Mike & Kirsty also work with athletes from the British Rowing programme. This involves complex rehabilitation when injury forces them out of the competitive cycle and then supporting their return to competition.  They have seen the challenges facing elite athletes and sports teams first hand and have watched these athletes gain the reward of bringing back Olympic medals or returning to competition after overcoming injury. Kirsty has also competed as an international rower herself at junior and senior level.

This wealth of experience gives them a leading edge when working with athletes from any sporting discipline.



Most of us use gyms, health clubs or local outdoor spaces to keep healthy and maintain our physical fitness. Enjoying a regular gym regime, exercise class or outdoor circuit training is an important part of our lives and may involve working towards a specific goal, a race, health aim or personal target. 

Exercise is a great way to keep aches and pains away and promote balance, strength, flexibility and improve body conditioning. However, we know that there are times when a niggle, strain or sprain can happen and can prove difficult to resolve. All our physiotherapists can look at training techniques, movement patterns or biomechanics which may have contributed to the problem. We are able to assess muscle and joint health to uncover the roots of the problem and know how best to move forward and get back on track with your exercise goals.

Gym Equipment
Tennis Racket


Recreational sport can take many forms and have many levels of both participation and intensity. This can range from regular to competitive tennis, badminton, golf, swimming and seasonal skiing injuries and any other sport played as an individual on a casual or more frequent basis. We are well equipped to assess and get to the bottom of why the particular pain or dysfunction has happened by looking at movement patterns associated with the sport. There may be underlying issues from our everyday lives that are impacting our participation in sport.


We have an arm, wrist and hand specialist (Suzanne Gibson) who also has experience with swimming injuries in particular. Nikki Simpson has a special interest in sports injuries and gymnastics too, but all of our physiotherapists have more than 10 years experience treating all types of injuries. 



We have always felt that encouraging local sport participation is important. Developing relationships with local clubs and coaches helps to promote good practice in drills, warm ups, conditioning which ultimately leads to to injury prevention. Our priority is to get you back to the peak of your sporting performance and for you to understand how to prevent any re-occurrence of your injury. 


Caroline Jubb's work as physiotherapist with the England Womens football team offers our patients valuable expertise and skill to all our patients with these type s of injuries or conditioning issues. 

We have enjoyed sponsoring Binfield Cricket club and hope to continue this in future. In the past, the clinic has also had successful long term partnerships with Bracknell Bees Ice Hockey Team and Bracknell Walking football club. 

Soccer Match
RBR 3363.JPG


Mike Chisholm works as a contractor on an ad-hoc basis for the Red Bull Formula 1 team both at the factory and during F1 race weekends during the Grand Prix season. The kind of challenges presented in this environment are unique. The physiotherapists aims are to keep the pit crew and mechanics in peak physical condition to maximise team performance in the pits during the races. They ensure all race engineers, managers, support crew and drivers are in the best physical health to fully focus throughout the whole race weekend schedule and factory days to 'drive home' the best results for the team through the season.


We are well set up to support athlete recovery and maintain those gains with our sports physios, sports massage and fully equipped rehabilitation gym and pilates studio.

Our massage therapists, pilates experts and musculo-skeletal physiotherapists and sports physiotherapists all work together to provide a full circle of rehabilitation. 

What do sports people say about us:

"A huge thanks to Mike Chisholm at The Physio Studio and Shane Benzie at Running Reborn for the most interesting session last week working on developing my running. It is so easy to neglect HOW you run in favour of just putting the miles in but if you pay more attention to how your body moves there is a lot to be gained. Both these guys are legends and I can highly recommend them".


Elisabet Barnes, Ultra runner.

"Just wanted to say thanks to yourself and Zina (our massage therapist) for helping me get to the start line at Dublin. Despite have self doubts during the week leading up to the race I actually raced the best run of my career and managed a 10min PB clocking 2.47.38!"  JC 

"I would like to thank The Physio Studio for their help and expertise in diagnosing my mystery hip injury, relieving the pain and subsequently getting me back running in time for my marathon. They are very knowledgeable, able to explain what caused the injury and what I could do in future to prevent it from recurring. Throughout the treatment I felt in very good hands as I trusted them and was confident in the treatments they recommended. I really cannot thank them enough! "  Sara N

"A big serious “Thank you” – this is an amazing result compared to 12 months ago when I couldn’t sleep for 2 days after my first trail marathon due to the stabbing hot pain in my glute.  I know that the physio exercises/activations you gave me have played a major role in this improvement – because when I didn’t do them for a fortnight the pain came back!!  Of course, it was just a test – not laziness and complacency on my part!"   CN

"Another pain free 2hr bike ride - looking good @ThePhysioStudio must remember to do all my exercises u gave me as working." 😄   TBS

Helene rowing photo.jpg

These are teams and individuals we have worked with.

This has been long term involvement not just one-off help.


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Photo testimonial from: 

Helene Raynsoford, Paralypmic Gold Medalist & World Record Breaker 2008

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