We realise that sometimes when you have a neurological condition your needs can vary and you may not know what lies ahead. We are happy to help you plan future steps and be a point of ongoing contact and advice now or whenever you need us:

  • One-off assessments for advice or onward referral.

  • Make appropriate referrals ie orthotics, spasticity clinics, consultants etc. 

  • Refresh your exercise plan provided on discharge from hospital or from an NHS out-patient clinic 

  • Monthly exercise and progress checks 

  • Ongoing regular assessments & treatments

  • Gait or mobility assessments

  • Balance assessments


At The Physio Studio, we use an enriched assessment and treatment approach. We treat all neurological conditions by bringing together a range of techniques to each session, taking the time to listen and focus on each patients personal goals.


This goal based approach is underpinned by the Bobath Concept which focusses on restoring more normal movement patterns to make movements less effortful and of a better quality.


If you have any of these conditions, we would be pleased to chat about how we are able to help you.

  • Tailored exercise programmes

  • Balance re-training 

  • Strengthening programmes

  • Gait re-education

  • Referral to experts ie orthotics, exercise schemes, local sport activities

  • Gym based exercise programmes

  • Advice on spasticity management, orthotic prescription.

  • Pilates is helpful in the treatment of neurological conditions.  

  • APPI  mat work pilates can be very beneficial for individual neuro patients on a 1:1 basis.



For Parkinson's Disease, we can also use the LSVT ‘BIG’ method, if appropriate. This training programme seeks to re-calibrate the brain’s sensory awareness.


In Parkinson's disease, movements can become too small or loose freedom so the programme uses the principle that the brain can change and learn by having one simple goal to focus on – ‘THINK BIG’. By 'thinking big' you over emphasise your movements so the brain 're-calibrates' what it believes to be its normal and gradually gets into the habit of producing more fluent movements. It does need an intensive programme of exercise and commitment to gain the true benefit.


It has been shown to radically change the way the body experiences and produces everyday movement to minimise the impact of the disease and allow you to move as freely as possible, for as long as possible.


For administrative enquiries and appointments:
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or for clinical enquiries:

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