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Mike Chisholm

Clinical Director

Chartered Specialist & State Registered Physiotherapist Qualifications BHSc., MSc., MMACP, MCSP, HCPC. ​ Mike has been a Chartered Physiotherapist for the last 27 years. He has always been a therapist who constantly strives to further his knowledge and skills and absolutely loves what he does. He is passionate that his patients should have an exceptional treatment experience and understand how they can work together in a partnership to get back to where they want to be. ​ Throughout his career, Mike has worked extensively with elite athletes in situations where performance and teamwork matter. This has influenced Mike’s approach to physiotherapy. He brings an extensive ‘toolkit’ of manual skills and treatment methods to every session born out of a desire to achieve the best results for his patients. This enhanced experience alongside his own learning means that as well as helping you recover from injury or pain, he promotes self management strategies for injury prevention and works with you towards performance enhancement. ​ This work with elite performance athletes started in 1999 when Mike was a physiotherapist with the Royal Ballet Company, becoming Head of Physiotherapy in 2001. In 2002, he left the company to pursue his interest in sports physiotherapy but since this time he has continued to work extensively with dancers and actors from West End shows. ​ In sport, Mike first worked with the GB Rowing Team in 1999 and has worked as a contractor with British rowing over a span of 15 years. The London 2014 Games was his 4th Olympic cycle working with the squad. In 2005, Mike accepted a post with the English Institute of Sport (EIS) at Bisham Abbey in Marlow. He worked for the EIS for 9 years both as a full time member of staff and as a contractor and in that time has treated athletes from 31 Olympic, Paralympic, Commonwealth and Home Nation disciplines. In 2007, he was appointed Lead Physiotherapist to the GB Paralympic Rowing Team and accompanied them to the Beijing games. In more diverse roles, in 2011 Mike started working with a front row Formula 1 team for whom he still provides physiotherapy services to the wider team both at Grand Prix races and at the factory. He has also worked on The Social Network during filming at Henley Royal Regatta. ​ Since completing his MSc. and MACP (Manipulative Association of Chartered Physiotherapists) post graduate qualifications in 1998, Mike has continued to enhance his clinical practice by learning from those at the forefront of manual therapy and exploring alternative methods of treatment. He has recently become a Neuro-kinetic Therapy (NKT) 'Master' clinician with many hundreds of hours of study and teaching of the technique under his belt. NKT looks at the 'wiring' the body has and how this affects the way that muscles interact with each other to produce patterns of movement. This 'wiring' circuit can become disrupted by pain. NKT uses specific exercises to re-programme the muscles. ​ In 2007, Mike was first introduced to the use of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) and found it to be unparalleled in its effectiveness in treating the musculoskeletal system. He continued to develop his own understanding of IASTM by learning as much as he could about the body’s fascial network. His research and studying reached fruition in 2012 when, in collaboration with Donna Strachan DC and Kay Pearce DC, Kinnective was born. Since its inception Kinnective has gone on to provide training to the physiotherapy teams at a number of prestigious institutions including: England Rugby Welsh Rugby England Football English Institute of Sport The Royal Ballet Company. As well as instructing for Kinnective, Mike has lectured and taught nationally on the fascial system at a number of conferences. He is also involved in research at Leicester University. ​ Mike is also trained in acupuncture for musculoskeletal conditions and in 2013 qualified in Intramuscular Stimulation (Gunn I.M.S) a system of acupuncture developed for the diagnosis and treatment of soft-tissue pain and is registered with the AACP. ​ Mike is director of The Physio Studio in Binfield, Berkshire alongside his wife Rebecca who is also a physiotherapist, specialising in Neurology. They also have two young sons. As well as running the practice, he continues to teach NKT and Kinnective techniques to other therapists at weekends as well as working as a contractor for the Red Bull Formula 1 Racing Team. ​ Before pursuing physiotherapy, Mike was a Commissioned Officer in the Royal Air Force. It was part way through his Navigator training in 1992 when a cruciate knee ligament injury forced him to reconsider his career options. It was through his rehabilitation that he saw physiotherapy as his chosen career path.

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Mike Chisholm
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