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'Catching' your injuries before they take 'Root'!

The Physio Studio are excited to announce an exciting new sponsor partnership with Binfield Cricket Club for the 2019 season. This growing club has 4 adult teams with a thriving 'colts' youth section and a family friendly atmosphere.

When supporting sports teams, our ethos is to always look at the cause of injury and get to the 'root' of the problem. Just papering over the cracks of an injury can create long term issues which affect sport performance, force repeated spells out of the side and can spill over into everyday life.

We have a wide range of techniques which work brilliantly to identify the source of injury and find a treatment strategy that works for you. Some are long established and known to be very effective, others are more cutting edge, working on the cusp of new therapeutic practices. We use whatever we feel is the most appropriate and often a combination of approaches.

If you are struggling with an injury or have a niggle that keeps recurring, affecting your training or match play then come and see if we can stop the cycle of injury and get you back scoring runs or claiming wicket maidens.

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